Shetland Ponies
To fully understand the Shetland pony you need to know their natural habitat.

It is difficult to imagine the severity of the winter storms and the hazards of the rugged, boggy heath and rock strewn hills. It is these conditions which have, over countless centuries, moulded the animal we know today - both physically and mentally. The final product, with flowing mane and tail, designer winter coat and uncanny intelligence is no accident, for weakness of any part meant certain death.

The Shetland pony has gone on to prosper world-wide. From a trickle of ponies from the islands, across the North Sea with the Hanseatic traders
[q.v.] and Dutch fishermen, to a present global population of some one hundred thousand, is a success story that speaks for itself.

Perhaps adaptability is one of the Shetland pony's greatest assets. An animal that can thrive in the tropical heat of Queensland, or the sub zero temperatures of Northern Scandinavia, or could keep its cool in the noisy depths of a coal mine is a remarkable one indeed.     The
"American Shetland", has been cross bred with lighter and taller breeds for many years and cannot in any way be mistaken for the genuine native stock.

Sumac Farms imported 4 Genuine Shetland Ponies from
their native habitat, the
Shetland Islands (North of Scotland)
back in 1997.

Akela of Clibberwick -
gelding     (b. 1992)   Reg.No. AB 0110  [vol. 93]

HRE Biscuit 
filly    (b. 1997)   Reg.No. AG 0878    [vol. 98]

HRE Beacon
filly   (b. 1997)   Reg.No. AG 0875    [vol. 98]

HRE Beaufort
colt   (b. 1997)   Reg.No. AG 0877    [vol. 98] 
In 2000 Sumac Farms bought a Stallion, again directly from the Shetland Islands.
Milliaskerna  Darren    (b.1991)    Reg.No. AA 1986   [vol. 92]

All of these Shetland Ponies are all fully registered with The Shetland Pony Stud Book Society and are eligible to be registered to the Canadian Pony Society.
Sumac Farms has since had the following foals:

Sumac Premier - chestnut gelding in 2001   Sold
Sumac Sydney - chestnut filly with flaxen mane and tail in 2002
Sumac Holly - bay filly Dec 2002 Sold
Sumac Wiley - chestnut colt, Oct 2003 Sold
Sumac Smartie - skewbald filly born May 2004 Sold     
Sumac Puzzle - skewbald filly born May 2005 Sold
Sumac Famous - bay filly born May 2007 Sold
Sumac Feather - bay filly born May 2010 Sold
Sumac Radar - skewbald colt born May 2011 Sold
Sumac Peanut - skewbald filly born May 2012 Sold

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